Art commissions - Commission a unique piece of art by textile artist Mary-Clare Buckle

cartoon from 'Private Eye' magazine I particularly welcome commissions for my textile art and am quite happy to produce a picture, or series of pictures, to your specifications - size, colour scheme, theme/subject - within the type of work which I do and what you see on this website.

Or you might want to commission a piece of art which is similar to a piece that you like but which has already sold?

If you would like to ask me about a prospective commission for a piece of original textile art, please and I will get back to you with some ideas and price estimates. Please rest assured that you are under absolutely no obligation to proceed at this stage.

I hope you like the cartoon from Private Eye ... and, no, you don't have to commission something really expensive, very big and relentlessly challenging!

To read comments from previous customers and visitors to my gallery and website, click here.

Some previous clients who have commissioned textile art work from me

'Indian Bazaar' - click here to see an enlargement
Indian Bazaar - commission for Michele Robertson & Neil Cooper

"We were thrilled by this morning's delivery - you have done such a wonderful job in translating our thoughts.   The piece of art far exceeds what we were thinking of - we love it! We shall get great pleasure from the piece - you are an imaginative and inspirational artist ... Each time we look at it, we spot something new - yesterday we noticed you had used some pieces of the fabric - what a lovely touch."


'Swimmer' - click here to see an enlargement
Swimmer - commission for Susan Biddis

"It is always an anxious moment when one first sets eyes upon a commission - will the artist have captured what it is that was important to you? I can only say that, had I the skill, I would have produced for myself just what you have produced for me.

"I found, as always, the process of commissioning a fulfilling one, in spite of the anxious moments!  Thank you again."


'Sam' - click here to see an enlargement
Sam - commission for Louise Williams, who bought Jack (my Union Jack/British flag art piece) & wanted a matching US flag

"... it looks fantastic.  Can't wait to get it home and hang it up. Thanks again for all your time and effort in making such a stunning piece."

Ideas for commissions

To spark off some ideas from my customers, I thought it would be useful to set out a few suggestions of work which I have had in mind, or have produced prototypes of. If you definitely know what you want, feel free to ignore all this and just with your commission idea.

Otherwise, read on and see what you think.

Floating Felts

The size of individual floating felt pictures (see most of the pieces in my textile art gallery) is constrained by the maximum size of acrylic sheet available (currently 6' x 4', but I'm trying to source larger sheets). However, it would be possible to hang several pieces together - I particularly have in mind a structure like those which Estate Agents use in their windows - small pieces (15 or 30 cm square?) built up into a very large area, using metal or nylon wires suspending the individual pieces.

Another idea is to create a very large floor to ceiling floating felt, as a room divider, between two sheets of glass, secured at floor and ceiling, or a folding, free-standing screen.

Conceptual Textile Art

The 'tiled' pictures in my textile art gallery (see Me, You and Kiss Kiss) could have any lettering, symbols (hearts for a baby, flowers, leaves?) or even a company logo, repeated across them.

It's Raining Men has always been intended to be part of a series of 'raining' work - eg Cows, Money, etc. But perhaps you have your own ideas for something you'd like raining on you!

As far as anything else goes - give me a concept, word, idea, song title - whatever - and I'll get back to you with some suggestions on the type of conceptual fibre art work I could produce around that.

Textile Wall Hangings

Fabric wall hangings and tapestries are very fashionable at the moment. There are no particular limitations on size here - just run an idea past me and I'll have a think about it!

Whilst traditional felt wall-hangings tend to be fairly thick and solid (like some of the pieces shown in my textile art gallery), there's no reason why unmounted floating felts shouldn't be used as wall-hangings or room dividers.

In this section, I'd also include the home furnishing-type options - cushion covers, curtains, blinds, etc - perhaps to tone with one of the pictures?

Art Lights

The square format lights shown in the Art Lights gallery are around 35 to 45cm square. The maximum size with a single bulb is about 60cm square. However, bigger pieces I've made have used several bulbs, or conventional fluorescent tubes.

Another idea I'm working with is to use fairy lights behind (static, chasing or flashing), as you can see, in the Art Lights gallery, along with two pieces I've recently produced which use ultraviolet-reactive ('day-glo') fibres lit with a uv tube (actually a 'blacklight-blue' tube) - one of these has fairy lights behind as well. Groovy, eh?

Further ideas include lighted sculptures/lampshades, or to have light sources directed at the edges of a floating felt between thicker plastic sheet (as sometimes used for emergency exit signs).

As far as the voltage differences and irregularities between countries are concerned, I will do my best to surmount these potential problems - don't let this put you off suggesting a commission.

Commissions from Interior Designers and the Trade

I am particularly interested in the idea of working on the design of nightclubs, hotels or restaurants - or any large design projects.

Equally, if any gallery owners or curators have proposals for exhibitions, I'd be interested in considering them.

Please with your proposals.

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