Contemporary abstract textile art by textile artist and feltmaker Mary-Clare Buckle - 'Kiss Kiss'

contemporary abstract textile (fiber) art by uk textile artist and feltmaker Mary-Clare Buckle

Kiss Kiss
size 72 x 72cm - Sold

Again using a Middle Eastern/Moorish-inspired 'tiled' design and on the relationship theme, Kiss Kiss uses a very fine, delicate version of the type of abstract fiber (textile) art design which I first used in Me and You. The kisses hanging in the air (air kisses?) are formed into an extra-large kiss, so the whole piece became a celebration of love, sex and relationships.

... but the 'tiles' are only just held together with fine gold thread - my comment both on the apparent tenuousness of relationships and the threads which link us together, whether as lovers or friends.

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image & text © Mary-Clare Buckle & Andrew Green
webpage © Andrew Green

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