Customer comments about textile art by Mary-Clare Buckle


These are the comments which my customers and visitors have made - both at my Studio Gallery in Dorset and on this website.

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  Very many thanks for sending the print through in good time. It arrived in good shape and beautifully wrapped. Most importantly it was very much liked by the recipient!
   DH - UK
  Love what you do! Have your site on my favorites, and will dip in on grey days when my spirit needs a tonic. If I had more disposable income than an old age pension, I'd hang your work everywhere. Keep on creating inspirational art!
   SS - UK
  As a textile teacher I would like to thank you on behalf of one of my Sixth form students. She was thrilled by your response and it is lovely when an artist such as yourself takes the time to reply. My year eight pupils design and make felt wallhangings based on nature and part of their project involves researching the work of other artists. Your work continually inspires their projects and opens their eyes to the world of Art textiles.
Once again thank you for your support.

   TG - UK
  I have always loved textiles and found your website through research for a textile project with 5-6 year olds. I think they'll love your work, which I plan to show them via the internet on a large, interactive whiteboard.
   CE - Milton Keynes, UK
  What a joy to see that much fantastic work. I love it and hope you will continue making these dreamworks. I saw it all on the internet but wish to see it one day in your gallery.
   H - Netherlands
  Most modern art leaves me cold, but I really like this - it's so emotive.
   HJ - Portesham, UK
  Wow! I love your work and it has really inspired and helped me with my GCSE art work.Thank you!
   AH - Birmingham, UK
  Your work has greatly influenced me and inspired me to break out into a greater level of designing and creating felt especially the pieces in which you used lights   Your work has made me realise how beautiful the use of bold colours can be and that there is no limit to how creative you can be and what you can create with felt.
   SR - Wirral, UK
  I would just like to let you know what an inspiration you have been to me since visiting your gallery - it was very beautiful and I shall always remember it and how helpful you were - thank you.
   LB - Oxfordshire, UK
  The website is set out really well and has very striking images - lovely and colourful. Your work is so different to anything else I've seen and I will be kitting out my new place in london with it soon!
   DG - Surrey, UK
  Exciting with wonderful use of colour. I am particularly interested in the backlighting effect. I will try and visit your studio at the first opportunity.
   AC - Dorset, UK
  Great! Very informative and a good representation of your work
   HS - Dorset, UK
  Inspirational! Joyful! Colourful! Your work is all those and more. And thankyou to Andrew for creating a website that's a joy to navigate...    RW - Falkland Islands
  Your work is incredible! I have done some felting but I've never seen anything like this! Your use of color and composition is wonderful!    PB - South Carolina, USA
  What little I've seen in 5 mins or so has really inspired me. Very dynamic and inspirational. Love your use of combining the bright colours.
   VN - Sussex, UK
  [your work] is spectacular, so much to see and such wonderful enthusiasm for felt! It was easy to get around the site ...    JF - Chester, UK
  Wow..the graphics on here are fantastic. This website deserves a place on my favorites list.    Anon - USA
  What a wonderful website, beautifully put together and really easy to use. Very impressive!    GC - Scotland
  Unique!    CB - Cornwall, UK
  Excellent, vibrant, innovative and inspiring!    LB - Lancashire, UK
  Stunning!    RW - Dorset, UK
  I couldn't wait to get here ... I loved it    KB - Devon, UK
  This is fantastic!    JA - London, UK
  Compared to other work I've seen, this is really pushing the outside of the envelope.    AC - Kent, UK
  Very positive and joyful    VD - Dorset, UK
  We love 'Loose Connections' and I can't wait to see it on our wall!    KL - London, UK
  Beautiful!  I love being able to see the felts in colour in all their glory ... a great achievement all round    JB - Morocco
  Really easy to use and conveys the colour and feel of your work well
- I hope you sell loads!
   RF - Dorset, UK
  Really good to see a proper website - very accessible site with links that work well.
I hope it brings in the attention your work deserves. Crackin' site!
   BS - Dorset, UK
  What a wonderful website, beautifully put together and really easy to use    GC - Bristol, UK
  [the US flag I commissioned] looks fantastic. Can't wait to get it home and hang it up.
Thanks again for all your time and effort in making such a stunning piece.
   LW - London, UK
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