Semi-abstract textile art - 'Tokelau' - click here to see enlarged details of this piece

contemporary semi-abstract textile art by uk textile artist Mary-Clare Buckle

size 84 x 95cm - Sold

This is the first of a series of pieces inspired by the South Sea islands of Tokelau. I wanted to create a piece that immediately brought to mind that part of the world - whilst avoiding clichéd images of palm trees and tropical fish - the amazingly vivid, luminous colours and the intense quality of the light.

My work is normally semi-abstract, but I had always loved the aerial views I'd seen of coral reef atolls - the intensity of the blue sea contrasting with the white surf round the atolls. So I decided to produce this first piece as a - more representational - stylised map of Tokelau.

Inspired by the story of Tokelau, I have produced a series of work to capture the romance and beauty of these coral atolls - see the 2 Tokelau pieces on my art lights gallery page.

To read a little more information about Tokelau & the Tokelau project, click here.

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image & text © Mary-Clare Buckle & Andrew Green
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