'Tokelau' - detail, showing Nukunonu atoll
Nukunonu Atoll
'Tokelau' - detail, showing Fakaofu atoll
Fakaofu Atoll
'Tokelau' - detail, showing Atafu atoll
Atafu Atoll

contemporary semi-abstract textile art by uk textile artist and feltmaker Mary-Clare Buckle

Tokelau - details

Atolls are some of the most complex and vibrant structures on the planet. Built over thousands of years by tiny, sea anenome-like coral polyps, these ring shaped coral structures can be tens of kilometres in diameter, with individual reefs large enough to support lush tropical islands and even small cities. As is the case with any living coral structure, countless species of fish and invertebrates can be found inhabiting the waters in and around an atoll. But, unlike the fringing reefs along Florida's coast or even the barrier reefs off the shore of Australia, atolls do not border anything. Instead, they sit on a coral base that often rises thousands of metres from the oceans floor in some of the most remote areas of the tropical oceans.

Inspired by the story of Tokelau, I have produced a series of work to capture the romance and beauty of these coral atolls - see the 2 Tokelau pieces on my art lights gallery page.

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