Abstract textile art - 'Surf Throwing Up Gold Pebbles'

contemporary abstract textile art by uk textile artist Mary-Clare Buckle

Surf Throwing Up Gold Pebbles
size - 65 x 35cm - Sold

I like to combine matt wool and silk 'noils' - from the inner silkworm cocoons - with gold fabric. Here, I have used a motif from the jewellery I used to make - a pebble with a hole, like the ones my children brought home from our local beach.

When the sea is rough and wild, the waves are so loud that I can lie in bed listening to the surf crashing onto the massive pebble bank of the Chesil Beach, about a mile to the south of Abbotsbury, in Dorset (where I live) (apologies for the unusually poor quality image - the piece sold very quickly and I had to just take a quick photograph of it).

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image & text © Mary-Clare Buckle & Andrew Green
webpage © Andrew Green

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