Contemporary abstract textile art by textile artist and feltmaker Mary-Clare Buckle - 'Reflection' - click here to see a further enlargement

contemporary abstract fiber art by UK fiber artist Mary-Clare Buckle

size - 51 x 93cm - £870

I was orginally intending to cut up this piece to use as 'tiled' squares in future pieces. But, when I had created it, I decided, instead, to cut the whole piece into squares - somewhat akin to David Hockney's photomontages, in which dozens of polaroid images were used to build up the whole piece.

The piece grew organically and became much larger than I had originally expected, as a I added more and more squares.

When I had finished the piece, it brought to mind the orange/red-coloured buildings in Morocco or Tunisia, reflected in water ...

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image & text © Mary-Clare Buckle & Andrew Green
webpage © Andrew Green

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