'Tokelau Storm' - light off

Above is an enlargement of the felt piece itself, with the light switched off

'Tokelau Storm' - light on

This shows it backlit, as it appears with the integral light switched on

Tokelau Storm - size 50 x 35cm - price 470

This is one of a series of pieces inspired by the South Sea islands of Tokelau.   Working primarily with turqoise, blue and white and having sea and surf in mind, the swirling patterns of the resultant piece immediately brought to mind one of the many tropical storms which the Tokelau islanders are increasingly experiencing, due to global warming.  

Inspired by the story of Tokelau, I have produced a series of work to capture the romance and beauty of these coral atolls.   Click here to look at the special website which I have set up about the Tokelau Internet Project and the work which I have produced inspired by the islands.

... or to read a little more information about Tokelau & the Tokelau project, click here.

image and text © Mary-Clare Buckle

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