'Burning His Roses' - light off

Above is an enlargement of the felt piece itself, with the lights switched off

'Burning His Roses' - light on

This shows it with the 'blacklight' tube and christmas lights turned on
Burning His Roses - size 53 x 45cm - price £590

For this piece, I used ultraviolet-reactive wool, threads and fabrics and lit the piece on all 4 sides with slim uv tubes hidden in the black acrylic frame. This produces a really stunning glowy effect and, of coures, the piece looks completely different with the tubes switched off (as you can see on the enlargements page).

The uv concept was originally based on an idea I had for the decor in nightclubs and is inspired by the ambience of Slinky, the hard dance/hard house superclub which I regularly go to in Bournemouth.

I started with some rose-type flowers but, noticing the burning effect that the light produces with the pink/red fibres - and following the now over-hyped Valentine’s Day - I decided that the title of the piece could be a bit more subversive about the flower images.

image and text © Mary-Clare Buckle

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