'Tokelau - Deep Down' - light off

Above is an enlargement of the felt piece itself, with the light switched off

'Tokelau - Deep Down' - light on

This shows it with the 'blacklight' tube turned on

Tokelau - Deep Down - size 53 x 45cm - price 590

This is one of a series of pieces inspired by the South Sea islands of Tokelau.   Here, I've used uv-reactive fibres, so that when the 'blacklight' tube is turned on, it creates an intense glow with some of the fibres, whilst making the non-reactive fibres appear almost black - like the gloom deep down in the ocean, punctuated by the fluorescent colours of mysterious deep sea creatures.   When the light is turned off, you see a semi-abstract view of the rich colours of tropical islands.

Inspired by the story of Tokelau, I have produced a series of work to capture the romance and beauty of these coral atolls.   Click here to look at the special website which I have set up about the Tokelau Internet Project and the work which I have produced inspired by the islands.

... or to read a little more information about Tokelau & the Tokelau project, click here.

image and text © Mary-Clare Buckle

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